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She’s Gone

This diesel has gone to live with her new owner.

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300D 2.5 Liter Turbo Diesel

I am selling my 1992 Mercedes 300D 2.5 Turbo Diesel that has been very well maintained. I have a large stack of service records that will come with the car that well represents the service history. I have owned this car since November of 2006 but I have service records from back when the car was new. It was originally from Sarasota, Florida, it then moved to Atlanta, Georgia and then came to Birmingham, Alabama. It has always lived in the sunny south but it did visit Indiana periodically. The original owner was the first salaried employee of Jayco Motorhomes and worked with that company and helped build it from the ground up which explains why some of the service records are from Gurley Leep in Mishawaka, Indiana. I bought the car from my boyfriend who purchased the car from the service writer at Birmingham Benz. Needless to say the car has been serviced exclusively at Birmingham Benz for the last four plus years. The owner of Birmingham Benz is Paul Messina and the phone number is (205) 251-7774 if you want to verify. The mechanic in charge of the car is Michael and he is the diesel guru in this area. He drives Mercedes Diesel’s exclusively and he is a real enthusiast.

All of the electrical switches work great and in the last year the gauge cluster light bulb has been changed as well as both of the fog light bulbs. The air conditioner blows ice cold and in the winter the heat will keep you toasty warm. The car has a block heater which is a great option, even here in Alabama we have some bitter cold winter nights and the block heater is a great thing to have in the morning. After the car has been plugged in all night, when you start it up the heat blows warm almost immediately and there is no need to let the car warm up before you get going. Many mornings I would see my neighbors out in the parking lot warming up their cars and they would be jealous that my car started out warm. The sunroof slides open and closed with no problem and no leaking. The transmission is smooth as is the ride. This is a great car to take on a road trip, every thing about the ride is comfortable. Factory equipment includes: driver airbag, adjustable height seat belts, front power seats, front and rear armrests, factory tool kit, power windows, locks and mirrors, power antenna, rear defrost, front driving lights, 15 inch alloy wheels, full power sunroof and full sized spare on factory alloy rim. This car has been meticulously maintained, remains in excellent health, and will deliver hundreds of thousands of additional miles if kept on a proper schedule of maintenance. These engines and chassis’ are renowned for the ability to reach almost unheard-of mileage.

The interior of this car is in great condition. The MB-Tex is in near perfect condition as is the rest of the inside of the car. The interior is one of the things that I love the most about this car due to the fact that it is so easy to clean. The seats and the doors and the headliner are all MB-Tex. The floor mats are factory rubber and are in fantastic condition. Every couple of months I go out to the car with a bucket of barely sudsy warm water and a microfiber cleaning cloth and scrub down the entire interior. After I am done the inside of the car is sparkling and the water in the bucket is dirty. I have a steam cleaner that I use on the carpets and they look brand new when I am done. I don’t have kids or pets that ride in the car so it has stayed in really good shape. The wood is in great condition and still has a beautiful shine to it.

In May of 2005 this car had a tasteful Formula One Performance film window tint installed that has a lifetime warranty and it has a Kenwood in-dash cd car stereo. In May of 2005 this car had a brand new $800.00 Timevalve Stainless Steel exhaust installed that is still in fantastic condition and will be for many years to come. October of 2006 the engine mounts were replaced, new belt shocks and serpentine belt, new vacuum modular valve and overload protection relay, and new front brake pads and sensors were installed. In December of 2006 the intake and exhaust manifold gaskets were replaced. This car got a new battery in May of 2007 along with a new alternator. In June of 2007 the air conditioning was serviced and it blows ice cold. In December of 2007 I replaced the dome light assembly with a brand new unit and replaced the belt tensioner. I tell you all of this to show you that whatever the car has needed it has gotten. I have a really good working relationship with Birmingham Benz and whatever they have recommended is what the car gets. The car also gets all of its oil changes done at Birmingham Benz and it has a fresh oil change for the new owner and a fresh front end alignment. The tires were purchased at Costco in June of 2007 and have plenty of tread left and they get all of their scheduled free rotations.

The car does leak three small drops every time the car is started. It has a leak in the fuel injection pump seal and it has had the same leak since at least 1999. When I have talked to Michael at Birmingham Benz about it his response has always been, “Why would you want to fix it. It is not hurting anything. I have diesels that leak out of the fuel injection pump and I am not fixing them so why would you.” It has never been a problem for me so I have never gotten it fixed. It has just never been a priority and it doesn’t affect the oil pressure or oil level. I did look into getting it fixed and there are three options: 1- Buy a seal kit and replace the seals in the fuel injection pump; 2- buy a remanufactured fuel injection pump and 3- find a used fuel injection pump. The seal kit is about eighty dollars and an experienced mechanic should be able to replace all of the seals in a few hours. The car also has a small dent on the passenger side rear fender. It is not really noticeable unless you are right up on the car.

I am selling the car because I came across a deal on a 2004 C240 that I couldn’t pass up so now I have two Mercedes and that is just excessive. I love the diesel but it is now time that she goes to live with a new family that will love and take care of her in the manner to which she has become accustomed.

This vehicle runs and drives well, and is in great condition, but as with any used vehicle, minor wear may appear under close scrutiny, this includes small rock chips and/or miniscule scratches. I endeavor to deliver an accurate description, but please note, this is a used car, which as nice as it may be, is not new. I have a CarFax Report that I will be happy to email you upon request.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at The price is $5,200.00 or best suitable offer.

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Car Fax Report